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Folk Museum and Zalipie Village Private Tour

Begin the day in Folk Museum followed by visit in Zalipie – Painted Village.

zalipie and folk museum

Located 100 km (62 miles) from Krakow lies a small village. It became famous due to the 19th century tradition of painting houses in colorful floral motives.

The most recognizable person from Zalipie village is Felicia Curylowa (1904-1974). She decorated every surface from her cottage. After her death, the amazing house was turned into a museum.

This tradition is live among women from that area, so nowadays almost every single house is decorated. Looking inspiration in nature and folklore, their paintings became bigger and more colorful. Visit in this unusual place will get you an unforgettable memories.

Open-air museum consists of charming villages from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. On almost 30 hectares, Folk Museum in Kolbuszowa present over 80 objects of wooden architecture.

Cottages, stables, cowsheds, pigsties, henhouses, barns, granaries, horse mill, hay barrack, rural industry buildings like a watermill, windmills, forges, oil mill and pottery, and also public buildings – a school, tavern and fire station. The oldest buildings dates back to 1753. All of them are surranded by their natural landscape of gardens, orchards and bee yards, fields, meadows, ponds. In some of the farms animals can be spotted!

Why Private Tours & Trips by Krakowfy?

Visiting a Folk Museum and Zalipie Village can be an enriching and educational experience, and a private tour allows you to experience the exhibits in a more private and engaging setting. You can also ensure that your experience is respectful and appropriate, as your tour leader will be able to offer guidance and support. Krakowfy offer a more personalized, comfortable, and engaging experience that can enhance your understanding and appreciation of the cultural and historical significance of the exhibits.

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