Terms and policy​

Terms and policy


  1. The owner of the website www.krakowfy.com is Kamil Bujnowicz KB Invest, headquartered in Kraków (ul. Zagonów 7, 30-328 Kraków), TAX number (NIP): 6762587722.
  2.  Rules and regulations found below, in regard to electronically supplied services, among other things, determine:
          – terms of use of the website www.krakowfy.com,
          – terms of agreement on tourist-related services available on the website www.krakowfy.com and contract termination,
          – terms of personal data protection, when it comes to natural persons, who make use of electronically supplied services,
          – form and means of payment,
          – ways to file a complaint.
  3. Before making a purchase of a touristic service on the website, it is required to read and accept these terms and conditions as well as Terms and Conditions of Participation in Touristic Events, Privacy Policy and give one’s consent for personal data processing for the purpose of booking realization.


  1. Through the website www.krakowfy.com the Travel Agency enables a customer to:
    – contact the customer service via contact form,
    – file a complaint via application form,
    – pay for booking a trip,
    – read Terms and Conditions of Participation in Touristic Events and other files made accessible by the Travel Agency or other entities.
  2. In case of making an agreement with the use of electronically supplied services, the Travel Agency is obliged to provide with the information such as: price per person, duration, programme and date of touristic event.
  3. Information, materials, presentations or prices of touristic offers are not the offers within the meaning of the Civil Code but only the invitation to treat.


  1. The customer is enabled to conclude an agreement on rendering electronic services by purchasing selected tour, via contact form or through e-mail.
  2. An employee of the Travel Agency examines the availability of the selected tour and its price, then they send the booking confirmation with the bank account number or payment link through e-mail. The customer is obliged to pay the specific price for a tour within 24 hours after the booking has been confirmed.
  3. In case of lack of payment for the tour within 24 hours after the booking, the booking is canceled.
  4. By making the payment, the customer accepts the Terms and Conditions of Participation in Touristic Events, Privacy Policy and the general programme of the tour.
  5. The agreement on rendering electronic services is concluded after the payment for the touristic event has been made.


  1.  Traditional bank transfer
    – a transfer, which is made to the bank account number mentioned in the booking of the touristic event.
  2.  Online payment – made with the use of secure payments system SumUp

           – credit card and electronic transfer transactions are held through SumUp


  1. The Travel Agency reserves the right to amend the agreement not later than 12 hours before the start of the tour and providing the customer through e-mail with the information about planned changes.


  1. If during a touristic event, the customer notices a violation of the agreement, they should notify a courier/driver immediately in order to allow the removal of a defect on the spot.
  2. The customer has a right to file a complaint within 30 days after the end of an event, in writing, under pain of invalidity, by registered letter to the address of the Travel Agency or through the e-mail: office@krakowfy.com
  3. Complaints will be examined immediately and not later than:
    – within 30 days after the end of the touristic event, if the complaint is filed to the courier during the event,
    – within 30 days after the complaint has been reported, if it is filed after the end of the event.
    – The complaint should include detailed customer’s claims and explanation of the means by which the flaw has occured on Travel Agency’s part.


  1. Questions not settled under the terms and conditions above, should be resolved in accordance with the rules laid down pursuant to Civil Code Act issued on April 23, 1964 (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland, No. 16, item 93 with amendments) and Tourism Services Act issued on August 29, 1997. Possible arguments will be settled out-of-court and if an agreement is not reached, they will be settled by the court of general jurisdiction.
  2. By using the services of the Travel Agency, the customer declares that rules and regulations indicated in this file are clear and comprehensible and that they accept them without question.
  3. The present rules and regulations are in force from September 24, 2018.
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