Krakow: Paintball Experience

The only limit is your imagination.

paintball from krakow

Test yourself in the biggest paintball field in Poland. 

Like on a military training ground, from concrete buildings, wooden shelters, a set of barrels and labyrinth of trenches to light wooden buildings, imitating various rooms. All the obstacle allows you to carry out various scenario games and combat simulations.

The only limit is your imagination.

After the game there is a possibility of taking a shower, relaxing in the chillout zone or having a barbecue (25 PLN per person). 

You can also have fun at the RC cars track.

For best experience, we recommend a group size of at least 6 people. If you are a smaller group, contact us for extra arrangements!


Price includes:

Game Duration: 2- 3 hours

RC Cars


Price includes:

Tour Duration: 4 - 7 hours

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